No divas! I felt all of the women were peers…

No divas!  I felt all of the women were peers…

I have been a runner for the past 30 years.  I was part of a small group, training on our own for our favorite marathons, so we could all travel together to great places and basically run for fun.

Shocked to admit my body is now 60 years old, I feel my knees and L4-5 back issues rising with a vengeance because I never listened to those voices telling me to do alternate training, to stretch properly and eat well.

Like many of us who exercise a lot to keep fit, I believed my diet was perfect, aside from loving (and producing my own) red wine.  My weight was not much of an issue but muscle was rapidly fading into droopy arms & an unwelcome belly!

When Jens introduced me to the Sirens & Titans Fitness focus group in LA, I was elated to try it!  The orientation was insightful and kick started my enthusiasm to learn more about my work outs, diet, and it actually inspired me to read a lot more about the science of exercise.  The 30 minute workout is so doable! .  The routine variations keep you interested and alert.  The reps allow you to focus on strengthening your core and working on all other areas of the body as well.  It is an exercise program that evolves with your personal goals and achievement so it works for any level.

The community of women in my group was extremely warm, always encouraging.  No divas!  I felt all of the women were peers even though our fitness levels were all very different.

By the time you are on a bike, Versa Climber, or rowing machine for a few final minutes of cardio, you feel renewed and strong.

S&TF offers a unique program, accessible to all women wanting to achieve total fitness.  The staff is absolutely professional, focusing attention on each and everyone’s workout.  Jacques sends emails after reviewing your personal food charts with advice, and coaches you on diet …a real eye opener!  His blogs and various reference articles are extremely insightful.  The S&TF coaches understand our highs and lows, both our sore muscles and our strengthening in progress.  They encourage us to work harder in a safe, upbeat environment so it’s actually a lot of fun!

Looking forward to increasing my personal fitness level in 2014 with the Sirens & Titans Fitness team!

Robyn B.

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