I felt great in the bikini I wanted to wear in Cabo!

The Sirens &Titans Fitness focus group was introduced to me by a friend and it came at the best time.  I wanted to lose weight and tighten up in short amount of time.  Luckily, I was able to achieve that with S&TF.  In just 5 weeks, I lost 8 pounds and sculpted my figure. I fit into jeans that were too snug for me.  I also was able to fit into dresses that I just wasn’t comfortable in.  I felt great in the bikini I wanted to wear in Cabo.  But more importantly, I feel stronger and firmer all over.

In addition, I improved my eating habits.  The team holds you accountable for maintaining a journal and making the program all come together.  I wouldn’t have got the results I did, if it wasn’t for the nutrition part of the program.  Jacques especially knows what he’s doing!  It’s a program that helps manage what you eat, creating a healthy lifestyle in just 30 minutes.  With my busy schedule, I couldn’t believe I got what I’ve been looking for in this program.  I am really satisfied with S&TF and would recommend it to anyone who wants to really make a difference with their body.

Alicia H.

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